Unmanned Maritime Systems for Oil & Gas and Naval Projects

March 7, 2012 - via The Hindu Business Line

VISAKHAPATNAM, MARCH 7: Unmanned underwater vehicles and devices help cut operation costs and enhance efficiency in oil and gas exploration, says Mr Srinivasa Raju, CEO of Geomardy. The local company is working in the field with two foreign partners. He added that many advanced technologies have defence applications.

Mr Raju was speaking at a meeting on unmanned maritime systems for oil and gas and naval projects organised by the Visakhpatnam chapter of the National Maritime Foundation here on Monday evening. He said the most advanced unmanned underwater vehicles and devices were available for undertaking sea-bed sampling, geotech and geophysical studies, offshore pipeline inspection, and support services.

The devices and technologies would also be of great use to the Indian Navy and for climate change studies. He said his company – Geomardy had over a decade experience in the field. It had signed a memorandum of understanding with Global Fusion Inc, which is the holding company of C&C Tech and ASV Ltd, to introduce the technologies in India.

Mr Arthur Anthony Kleiner, Director of Government Programmes, C&C Technologies, US, spoke on applications of the technologies in different fields and their relevance to India.

Mr Vincent Dobbin, the Director of Business Development, ASV Ltd (UK), spoke about the advanced technologies in unmanned defence systems (drones) and also about the oil and gas industry. Dr Rangarajan, Director of the Naval Science and Technological Laboratory, and other experts spoke with the visiting experts. Prof Prasanna Kumar presided over the meeting.

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