Want to develop the most effective market strategies? Improve your chances of winning new business?
This defence consulting service leverages the world’s leading industry and national security expertise to deliver proven business solutions both strategic and operational—to large and small clients around the world. Get impartial, reliable answers to your most complex, critical and urgent questions, allowing you to:

Meet and exceed customer requirements

Develop winning bids and proposals

Recognize and manage risk

Position products and services competitively

Partner and acquire for success

Identify profitable new business opportunities

Consulting and Advisory Services

While GEOmardy Markit can support a range of activities, Market consultants specialize in providing independent, impartial guidance and advisory support in two fundamental business areas:

Market Strategy    Guidance on product, commercial and competitive strategies to enable businesses to drive long-term profitable growth:


–Product development and positioning

–Opportunity identification and market access

–Competitive positioning

–Partnering and M&A

–Scenario modeling and stress-testing

–"War-gaming for businesses"

–Risk analysis and management


Other consulting businesses use IHS Market data and insight, but their consultancy projects are inevitably limited by their lack of specialist expertise. Exclusive IHS Markit benefits include:

Guidance by A&D subject-matter and industry experts

Access to the world's leading defence, and security insight and analysis.

Assistance from a global network of IHS Markit experts in the world's industries, markets and technologies